Point 5cc has become synonymous with showing pride and support for the transgender (and LGBT) community.

We have always aimed to create high-quality, trans-inspired clothes (made with ♥) that build community and support equality and awareness. We also aim to have a variety of products that allow folks of all backgrounds, especially stealth folks or people who have not yet come out, to feel safe and comfortable.

Some folks wear Point 5cc to show their pride in being a transgender or gender non-conforming person. Some folks purchase products to show their support of family and friends.

Point 5cc proudly supports our sister 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, Point of Pride. Learn more about our history

Our Mission

To create amazing clothes and accessories that remind people of the strength they have inside.

Our Team

The Point 5cc Team: Aydian

Aydian Dowling

When Aydian’s not dreaming up new products, he’s out speaking on masculinity, social entrepreneurship, self-love, and parenting.

The Point 5cc Team: Jeff

Jeff Main

Jeff helps behind-the-scenes to make sure the website’s humming and we’re all fully caffeinated.

The Point 5cc Team: DJ

D.J. Wood

Our math rockstar – D.J. crunches numbers to keep things running.


Dee is our social media guru. He loves going on adventures and is a proud cat dad!