Valentine’s Day Inspiration for LGBTQ Folks

For many LGBTQ couples, Valentine’s Day can be tricky. What should be a fun day of celebrating your relationship with your partner or partners can mean feeling out of place. Like it or not, there are lots of heteronormative gender roles and expectations wrapped up into the holiday.

So we wanted to change that and came up with some cute gender-neutral date night ideas and gift giving guide! Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments. 🙂

Date Night & Gift Guide Inspiration

Featuring some pretty awesome gifts for anyone (You may want to gift some of these for yourself!)

Bath bombs

Lush offers bath bombs for both men, women, and anywhere in between. Who doesn’t love a relaxing bath?

WHERE TO FIND IT: Lush stores and online, starting at $5.

Personalized handmade leather journal

For many transgender or gender non-conforming individuals, a very exciting moment in their journeys is embracing their name. Having personalized items that affirm their new name is not only exciting, but very thoughtful.

WHERE TO FIND IT: Etsy shop RSVPHandcrafted and many others offer beautiful products like those above. Prices vary.

A couple’s massage

Romantic, fun, relaxing!

WHERE TO FIND IT: Google search your area or a nearby city to find options. On a budget? No problem! You could give your sweetheart a coupon book for redeemable shoulder rubs any time of year.

Personalized keychain or money clip

You can even have your message engraved in your own handwriting for a romantic touch!

WHERE TO FIND IT: The Etsy shop The Mom and Pop Gift Shop, $29-$45.

A cute cutting board

Circular wooden engraved cutting board with food and fitness illustrations. Perfect for the partner who’s a foodie or simply enjoys a healthy lifestyle!

WHERE TO FIND IT: The Etsy shop EnjoyTheWood, $25.

The Fujifilm Instax Camera

It’s great for tossing in a bag and taking instant photos on the go. Perfect for capturing meaningful moments or date nights with your partner! It’s also a supportive gift for a trans partner who may be on or starting HRT and wishes to document their physical transition.

WHERE TO FIND IT: Fujifilm Camera + twin pack of film, $94.95

A beautiful terrarium

Create a beautiful terrarium for your partner, or purchase the kit as a fun activity to do together. When complete, it’s a beautiful decoration in any home. Plus, you can mix and match whatever materials, plants, and glass containers you like, so get creative!

WHERE TO FIND IT: There are many DIY Terrarium guides online or you can purchase a Terrarium Kit that includes everything for your partner to make their own. Prices vary.

Haircare, skin care, and wellness products

Does your partner love their long hair or beard? Have you witnessed the effort they put into keeping both clean, soft, and well-maintained? Maybe your femme partner loves a certain brand of makeup, or your masc partner has an eye on a straight razor. Make them a kit to keep them looking and feeling fresh! You can mix and match products they might like into a neat little box or travel bag for a thoughtful gift.

WHERE TO FIND IT: This is DIY, so shop around in stores and online to find what your partner will love. We recommend checking out Mack Soaps, a trans owned and operated shop with a wide selection of gifts for all genders.

Breakfast in bed — sort of

Not the best cook? That’s okay! Enjoy these adorable chocolates that look like all of your favorite breakfast foods — a fun way to enjoy chocolate on Valentine’s Day but with a twist.

WHERE TO FIND IT: Maggie Louise Confections Breakfast in Bed Gift Box, $38.

A chest binder

For trans AFAB individuals: give your partner the gift of a binder. Great for those who are newly navigating their gender and may be ready to start binding, or for partners who have a binder that’s due for an upgrade!

WHERE TO FIND IT: is our recommended choice options made by transgender individuals for transgender individuals. Not only are their binders incredibly high-quality and affordable, but gc2b generously supports donation programs that help trans folks in need. Starting at $35.

Gender and sexuality books

These are great for a partners of any LGBTQ background because books let us explore our ideas of gender or sexuality and connect with others. Memoirs, non-fiction, history, fiction with LGBTQ characters — there’s something for everyone. Learning is an important part of growth and what’s more loving than contributing to your partner’s growth?

WHERE TO FIND IT: Most bookstores have a Gender Identity, Sexuality or LGTBQ section.

Plan a food and wine tasting

Romantic, fun and easy to customize based on you and your partners’ tastes and interests.

WHERE TO FIND IT: Google search your area or a nearby city to find options for food or wine tasting. On a budget? No problem! Most wine and spirit stores offer small bottles of wine. Take a wine tasting night to your place by picking up a couple of small bottles and making your partner’s favorite home-cooked meal.

P.S. — Point 5cc always makes the perfect gift, too. 🙂 Shop now

Special thanks to Caryn for the insight and guidance on non-binary individuals!

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