Transgender Day of Visibility: It’s Time to Celebrate

March 31 is the Transgender Day of Visibility!

Today we join together with energy, enthusiasm, and pride to bring awareness to the world of trans lives and our struggles for full equality and affirmation.

It’s a day to celebrate who we are, reflect on where we need to go, and feel united as a community.

Rachel Crandall, the day’s founder and head of Transgender Michigan, explains: “Unlike Transgender Day of Remembrance, the day of visibility aims to focus on all the good things in the trans community, instead of just remembering those who were lost.”

So how will you celebrate?

If you take a selfie or share photos, use hashtags #TransDayOfVisibility and #TDOV to join the international conversation (and be sure to tag Point 5cc so we can repost you!)

In celebration of the Transgender Day of Visibility, we will donate 40% of the proceeds from your order to our Annual Transgender Surgery Fund!

We typically donate 20% of each and every sale to our Surgery Fund and binder/breast form donation programs, but if you make a purchase today, you can double your contribution to these life-changing programs. Plus, joining our mailing list gives you a discount off your order!

Check back later on our blog or on social media for a finally tally of how much we raise!

The Point 5cc team will be rocking our I Am Enough tees today and can’t wait to see how y’all show your pride on this important day! 🙂

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