Trans or Trans*? We want to hear from you!

We want to make our company and our community as inclusive as possible: help us ensure our language reflects that.

We are busy with a bunch of new goals — redesigning our website, reworking a lot of our flyers and other literature, and brainstorming ways to make our give-back programs even stronger — and that means we’re revisiting one of our ongoing missions: making sure we are inclusive to all members of our diverse community through words and actions.

You may have noticed we try to always refer to our community using the asterisk, trans*, as a means to include all non-cis identities, not just trans women or men. For us and most who use the asterisk, it is meant as a broad umbrella term that ensured genderqueer, third gender, agender, and many other identities were included in discussion.

Recently some of you have messaged us, and as a result we’ve been having some great discussions about whether trans* can actually exclude voices in our community, particularly non-binary people and trans women, and that many groups are making the switch away from the asterisk and back to trans. Or, that the asterisk isn’t needed because trans in itself should encompass all non-cis identities.

We wanted to open that discussion up even further and hear from you.

Our poll is now closed: You voted to drop the asterisk. Thanks for your input!

Please let us know in the comments: what are your thoughts on “trans*” or “trans”? Is there any inclusive language you feel strongly about?

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