Project Comfort Supports Our Annual Surgery Fund!

Thank you, Project Comfort!

Project Comfort has been supporting the LGBTQ community by designing awesome clothing with a message. We are very excited to announce that they are now an official donor and supporter of Point 5cc’s Annual Transgender Surgery Fund!

Project Comfort is an organization empowering the LGBTQ community by creating clothing for a more diverse set of body types, identities, and individuals. $10 from every item purchased goes to an established LGBTQ nonprofit, and the customer picks what goes where.

Project Comfort Supports Our Annual Surgery Fund!

Project Comfort supports many important LGBTQ* causes, such as FIERCE, GLBT National Help Center, the Sylvia Rivera Law Project, and the Center For Anti-Violence Education. When you shop one of their shirts or hats, you can help support these great organizations and Point 5cc.

We are so thankful to have them on board as a sponsor and hope you will thank them as well. Already we have received $240 to go directly to the 2016 Surgery Fund.

Learn more and shop Project Comfort:

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