Point 5cc teams with Seth Rainess to donate 100 FREE tees to trans youth!

We are super excited to partner with our sister non-profit Point of Pride and trans activist Seth Rainess for a huge t-shirt giveaway.

Transgender speaker and author Seth Rainess has so generously teamed up with us to produce and ship 100 “I Am Enough” t-shirts for free to trans youth through our sister non-profit, Point of Pride!

Check out our announcement video:

Seth Rainess is a PFLAG facilitator and serves on the advisory board of Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s Gender Development and Sexuality Clinic. In addition, he is a member of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health and GLSEN, a national education organization dedicated to making schools safer for LGBTQ students. Having grown up in a time when the word transgender was virtually unknown, Seth feels a special affinity for transgender youth.

Point of Pride is a non-profit organization that helps trans youth and adults in need around the world through several different gender-affirming support programs, including the Annual Transgender Surgery Fund, a chest binder donation program, and a breast form donation program.

Calling all trans youth: enter #IAmEnoughGiveaway to win!

For the full details on how to enter this photo campaign, visit www.pointofpride.org/i-am-enough-giveaway!

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