gc2b Donates (Another!) 60 Binders to Point 5cc Donation Program

Please join us in thanking gc2b chest binder company, who has generously donated another 60+ binders to Point 5cc’s binder donation program.

You might recall that late last year, gc2b donated 50 binders, allowing us for the first time in years to have our waitlist closed out and ensure everyone who requested a binder could receive one immediately.

Folks who can’t afford or otherwise obtain safe access to binding rely on programs like this one. Thanks to chest binder donations from individuals like you, we are able to get binders in the hands of trans folks who need them, but inevitably our waitlist will grow. From January 1 through this week, we already have 37 folks on our waitlist.

gc2b has donated 60 binders to our program, allowing us to again close out our waitlist and have extras left over for future requests!

gc2b Donates 60 Binders to Point 5cc Donation ProgramThe team here wants to give a big thank you to the team at gc2b for helping so many with this generous gift!

If you need a chest binder and have the financial means to purchase one, definitely check out gc2b. They have a wide selection of high-quality chest binders. Or, if you need a free chest binder, you can learn more about Point 5cc’s binder donation program.

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