Four Great Haircuts for Trans Masc/FTMs

Chances are, if you’ve ever googled “how to find a haircut to fit my face shape,” you come up with the standard cartoon infographic like this. Not that these aren’t great – they just might not be as helpful for a trans person looking to present a more masculine look.

While masculinity and femininity in beauty and style are extremely subjective, most people tend to associate square and angular faces with masculinity, and rounder and softer faces with femininity. If you’re looking to find a hairstyle that can help increase a masculine perception, you’ll want angles, texture, and sharp lines and edges. Here are some choices that can work for you and are flexible to match almost any style or hair type.

1. The High and Tight

While this is traditionally associated with the military and law enforcement, the high and tight is an upgraded version of the buzzcut that can give you just enough hair to play in your favor. When your hair is as short as it tends to be for the buzzcut, the focal points tend to be your hairline, and people with less testosterone in their bodies tend to have softer hairlines. So, by adding the extra dimension of the fade you can add more definition and angularity, as well as open up some room to define the edges of your cut and shape your hairline.

How to style: Simply wash and go! This style is great for those who want little to no maintenance.

2. The Undercut

Not only is this hairstyle on trend, but the sharp definition and contrast between the sides and the top adds defined shape and edginess to your hair. Your personal taste will determine how short your sides are or how long your hair is on top, making this a super flexible look.

How to style: Slicked back or messy and textured both work really well! For a slicked back look, go with a medium/high hold high shine pomade. For a messier look, opt for something medium hold, medium shine like a pomade or a clay.

3. The Modern Pompadour

Similar to the undercut, this can be styled messy or classic and refined. With less contrast between the sides and the top, this is a hairstyle that works better for more professional or formal environments, but is still edgy and cool.

How to style: Medium/high hold pomade or clay. There are lots of tutorials on how to style your ‘pomp’ depending on how high/round/textured you’d like it to be.

4. Medium/Longer Length Hair

The main goals with any hairstyle that’s 6″ or longer is to make sure you’ve got shape, layers, and texture. This means don’t just grow your hair out for a year and hope for the best – you’ll want get it shaped up along the way and keep it neat, especially in the back as that will grow faster that the top or sides. Pro-tip: growing your hair out from an undercut makes that awkward stage a little more bearable!

How to style: Leave in conditioner, texturizing spray. Other than that, there are loads of options for longer men’s hairstyles, depending on whether you wear it down, pull it back to a bun or top-knot, etc. Check out style tutorials online for tons of easy-to-style options.

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Ryan S. is our resident style guru guest author and runs the blog Designed for trans-masculine and cis men alike, The Dapper Matter incorporates current trends with timeless taste to provide high quality style advice to find the right fit for those who may not “fit in.”

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