Celebrating NCOD with new products and exciting changes!

Happy National Coming Out Day (NCOD) to all our LGBTQ brothers and sisters!

We hope you are all showing pride in your identity, today and every day. 🙂

We decided to celebrate by launching some great new Fall/Winter products and by making major changes to our free donation programs for trans folks in need!

Check out some of our new Fall tees, hats & hoodies!

Bonus video: Aydian’s excited for the new line! Watch him introduce the new products and show them off up close

Our Annual Transgender Surgery Fund, Free Chest Binder Program, and Free Breast Form/Prosthetics Program

pointofpride-logo_colorEarlier this year, we made the decision to create a partner non-profit organization, called Point of Pride.

In this way, with its own dedicated team, our Annual Transgender Surgery Fund and our giveaway programs for free chest binders and free breast forms/prosthetics could all grow to their full potential and help even more trans people in need.

Instead of requiring purchase to offset the cost of donations, now our programs are 100% free.

As always, a portion of each and every Point 5cc order will continue to support this life-changing work.

Point of Pride’s official launch is November 1. Please consider supporting us with a donation today: you’ll change the lives of trans folks in need of gender-affirming support. A donation of just $3 covers the cost to ship a chest binder to a trans person who needs one.

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