Autumn 2015 Trends: Our Four Fall Favorites

It’s almost that time of year. The leaves start to crinkle, the air slowly turns crisp, and your binder gets a bit less sweaty.

Break out your boots, boys and girls! Autumn is here!

Now that the weather is cooler, you’ll be able to layer your outfits and express more of your personal style. The possibilities of your wardrobe expand, with the graphic tees of summer and the flannels of winter coming together to create stylish, easy outfits that look great. Here are some things you can stock up on for the fall to kick off the season with style!

1. Flannels

Autumn 2015 Trends: Our Four Fall Favorites: FlannelsThese are amazing. Soft, warm, and incredibly attractive across the gender spectrum, flannels can be worn buttoned up by themselves or worn open to reveal a shirt underneath. Wearing unbuttoned shirts with tees underneath can be used to conceal one’s chest, especially if the lower layer is a dark color. Since flannels have been around for decades, you can easily pick some up at your local thrift store for a couple of dollars.

2. Sweaters

Autumn 2015 Trends: Our Four Fall Favorites: SweatersSweaters are both trendy and classic, which makes them a great addition to wardrobes of all styles. From wild fair-isles to the classic v-neck to ironic and ugly sweaters, there is a sweater for everyone. Sticking with a solid, neutral toned crew or v-neck sweater is always a great option, but for the more adventurous types, try a shawl cardigan to add some variety to your everyday casual outfit.

3. Denim

Autumn 2015 Trends: Our Four Fall Favorites: DenimOne of the most rugged, classy, and durable materials, denim is in during all seasons, but is definitely a fall favorite. A good pair of jeans will go with everything! Pick up a pair of clean, dark-wash jeans. You’ll be able to dress these down with a vintage tee, or dress it up with an oxford shirt or sweater. One cool thing this season is that American Eagle has come out with “Flex Denim,” which is basically stretchy denim. This is particularly awesome because it allows us trans guys with bigger hips to have more comfort and flexibility in choosing pants. Check out my blog post about them here

4. Boots

Autumn 2015 Trends: Our Four Fall Favorites: BootsMy favorite type of shoe, a good pair of leather boots can instantly masculinize your outfit. Stylish boots are both rugged and classy, so you can rock them with flannels or blazers, depending on the setting. You can find the classics with brands like Wolverine and Red Wing, but if those are above your budget you can pick up a pair at ASOS, Jack Threads, or DSW’s clearance rack for under $100 through a little searching. The most versatile pair would be a dark brown pair, but a black matte wingtip boot another excellent option.

And to accessorize?

Autumn 2015 Trends: Our Four Fall Favorites: And to accessorize?It gets nippy in the fall, so warm accessories like scarves and beanies are in! Beanies are great for keeping your ears warm, while adding style to any regular outfit. Wearing old jeans and the T shirt you wore yesterday? Topping it off with a beanie makes it look like you’ve decided to rock the laid back look, with a vintage crinkled tee. Point 5cc’s beanies are a perfect addition to your fall look.

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