8 Body Positive Fashion Instagrammers You Need to Follow

Most of my writing has been geared towards helping trans guys dress better according to traditional tenets of masculine style. However, that is not the only kind of men’s/masculine fashion that is out there, so I’m excited to showcase other creative fashion bloggers that cover topics and styles outside of my own experience.

Here are a few examples of Instagrams that feature plus size male models, queer male models, and male models of color. Some dress masculinely, some don’t – but all of these bloggers have undeniable style and body positivity!

Author’s Note: I wanted to include plus size trans masculine fashion bloggers, but I couldn’t find any. I know they have to be out there somewhere, so if you know of someone, please comment their name/profile link below and we’ll update this list!

8 Body Positive Instagrams for Big Guys to Follow

1. @chubstr

Chubstr is a fashion lifestyle online magazine specializing in big and tall men. Their Instagram features fashionable big guys across a range of styles, from other Instas, photoshoots, or features. Their website offers style inspiration, advice, community, and other body positive resources for big guys. Check them out on Insta or at chubstr.com!

8 Body Positive Instagrams for Big Guys to Follow

2. @notoriouslydapper

Kelvin Davis (aka @notoriouslydapper) is a plus sized Instagram fashion blogger and body positivity activist. His style, though quite different from my own, features preppy pastels, dapper suits, and bold swimwear. If not for his great sense of fashion, his Instagram is worth a follow for the unapologetic body positive and inspirational messages he shares in his captions.

8 Body Positive Instagrams for Big Guys to Follow

3. @theprepguy

Syed Sohail (aka The Prep Guy) is a Canadian fashion and lifestyle blogger. Despite “prep” in his name, Sohail’s Instagram features a modern and rugged twist on classic style- nothing that makes you think of golf courses or boat shoe tan lines. In addition to having a great sense of style, his photography makes his feed one worth checking out. You can also find him at his blog, tpgstyle.com.

8 Body Positive Instagrams for Big Guys to Follow

4. @thebigfashionguy

Michael-Anthony Spearman (aka @thebigfashionguy) is an up-and-coming menswear stylist and designer as well as Instagrammer. His Instagram feed features several angles of the same outfit, which helps give perspective and personality to the dapper looks he puts together. I love the creative twist he puts on classic looks and blazers. You can also find him at thebigfashionguy.com.

8 Body Positive Instagrams for Big Guys to Follow

5. @francisleebaker4

Francis Lee Baker is a menswear influencer and Instagrammer from Kentucky. I love his modern streetwear-take on classic pieces, from leather moto jackets to bombers to distressed denim, his outfits combine different textures and bold patterns to put a twist on menswear. You can read his blog at leeslookbook.blogspot.com.

8 Body Positive Instagrams for Big Guys to Follow

6. @ivanthefutureboy

Ivanlandle Vicente is an Instagrammer from San Francisco whose style leans more on the streetwear style than other bloggers I’ve featured so far. Featuring fashions like longline jackets, flashy patterns, and bold piece combinations, you should definitely look into his Insta if you’re into the streetwear aesthetic.

8 Body Positive Instagrams for Big Guys to Follow

7. @zachmiko

Zach Miko made headlines as one of the first plus sized, or as he has coined, “brawn,” male models to be signed to a major agency. Outside of his Instagram, you can find him modeling for brands like Levis, Uniqlo, Target, and many more big name brands.

8 Body Positive Instagrams for Big Guys to Follow

8. @marquimode

Marquis Neal is a queer fashion blogger and body positive activist. His style incorporates a wide range of pieces and styles to create a unique and bold aesthetic that doesn’t conform to typical norms of masculinity. In addition to featuring fashion, Neal often compliments his outfits with makeup, not often enough seen in typical men’s fashion outlets.

If you have any suggestions or Instagramers you’d like us to feature, let us know in the comments!

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Ryan S. is a frequent Point 5cc contributor with an eye for trans masc style. He features rugged, modern menswear modeled by both trans men and cis men at his blog The Dapper Matter, in addition to general fashion tips.

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