6 Different Ways to Wear Your Favorite Tee

Your go-to tee is about to get a makeover.

Check out how these 6 trans folks offer up inspiration on how to style up your favorite tee!


trans woman, she/her

Cut off shirt + leather strap sandals + tight jeans

Ellie pairs a cut off t-shirt with a white hat, earrings, skinny jeans and leather strap sandals to dress up the outfit.

“In my opinion, the best way to dress up a t-shirt is with the accessories,” she says.

She likes to add a cute necklace or a fun blazer to give the illusion that the t-shirt is a little more fancy.


trans man, he/him

Bomber jacket + ripped jeans

Bomber jackets are made to be slightly oversized but fall above or at your waist line. The great thing about this is that they fit all body types. Matt chose this bomber jacket because it makes him feel masculine and provides a comfortable fit.

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trans man, he/him

Blazer + fresh jeans + dress shoes

Cael likes to rock a casual, but clean look.

“It says business, but comfortable,” according to Cael.

His choice of jeans offset the more formal grey dress shoe which would look totally different with darker dress pants. Cael is a fan of tonal greys and layering as well as patterns on patterns (ie patterned ties on patterned shirts). His shoes are a mix of leather and suede and a cool greyish color made by BullBoxer. He chose those particular shoes because they matched the tonal greys and dress up the jeans.

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trans woman, she/her

Leather jacket + band t-shirt + chunky jewelry + faux fur scarf

Ylva’s styling tips include choosing cut off sleeves/collars and adding a cute leather or rough denim jacket.

“Leggings are a fucking miracle and are a totally legitimate pant options. Add a chunky ring or bangle for earrings, go big or don’t bother!” Ylva says.

A faux fur scarf and your favorite boots can complete this outfit. Ylva tends to dress up her lips and keep eye makeup light when she’s dressing up a t-shirt. “But going glam never hurt anybody!” she confesses.

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non-binary, they/them

Suspenders + black pants + lace up black boots

C’s choice of pairing the t-shirt with suspenders, black pants and black leather boots adds a classy flair to their basic scoop neck t-shirt.

“My hair is always an accessory,” C points out.

Although the t-shirt is casual on it’s own, the overall outfit is so well put together that you barely notice the t shirt. The choice of shoes really set the outfit apart. Rather than focus on a single item in an outfit, focus on the overall package to achieve the desired effect, whether it’s casual or fancy.

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non-binary, they/them

Ripped jeans + converse + silver necklace

A scoop neck pocket T with a long necklace create the appearance of a more dressed up look. Although the white tee may be seen as “basic”, the fact that it isn’t wrinkled or messy looking makes it a much more appealing outfit. Mere always feels good in a white tee, whether it’s a classic Hanes undershirt or a scoop neck Pocket T, they throw it on with a pair of ripped jeans and feel on top of their style game. “When I feel like accessorizing, I’ll add a long necklace and Chucks into the mix,” Mere explains.

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