2016 Surgery Fund Winners Announcement: Congratulations, Mateo and Elizabeth!

Point 5cc is proud to announce TWO recipients for this year’s Annual Transgender Surgery Fund: Mateo Diaz and Elizabeth Gibson!

We received an incredible 637 applications for financial help from trans folks from around the world. But even more incredibly, we were able to raise a record-breaking $4,600 for our Surgery Fund thanks to donations and the sale of Point 5cc products.

The team is happy to announce that we have awarded $2,300 to TWO winners, Mateo Diaz and Elizabeth Gibson, for their gender-confirming surgeries.

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It was a very tough decision, especially with so many deserving applicants and finalists. We thought we’d share some excerpts from their responses below:


“After my acceptance [to college] I received my housing application, which changed everything about my life. You might ask how? Simple: there was one box that asked my preferred pronoun. I declared I was male. I later got phone call to clarify the information and was asked by the Dean, Favor Ellis, what my chosen name was. From then on, I was Neko and went by “he/him.” A huge weight on my chest was lifted and I felt proud, happy, but nervous and scared… I would love to return to my school to graduate at the place that helped me become the man I am.”


“I remember seeing the words “nonbinary” and “agender” and feeling like something had clicked into place. From there, it snowballed: I started reading trans-themed blogs and articles, I asked friends I trusted to call me by gender-neutral pronouns, I bought a binder online and started wearing it daily, I experimented with new names and researched hormones and surgery. My first week at college, I came out to everyone except my family, started going by Grey, and established myself as an outspoken member of the school’s trans population, speaking on panels and helping organize educational events whenever I got the chance. For the first time, I felt secure in my identity… No matter how I feel about the grand scheme of things, though, I’m sure that I’m really who I am: really agender, really nonbinary, really trans.”


“In May, I watched Laverne Cox displayed marvelously on Times Magazine. She stood tall, powerful and proud. I held on to her vision as I stood in front of the Rogers Soccer League receiving the championship trophy. It was no Times Magazine moment, but I had just become the first transgender coach in the league to win a championship. On the previous years I had become the first woman to win a championship, and although the victory felt great, especially despite the obstacles face as a woman coach, I had never felt more myself than that rainy day in May…”

We wish all our finalists and applicants the best of luck, and with your support, we aim to offer even more financial support to winners next year. Thanks!

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