2016 Surgery Fund: Thanks for your donations!

We want to take a moment to thank the generous donors to the Annual Transgender Surgery Fund.

Last week we emailed and posted on our blog about how every donation, no matter how small, can have a huge impact in our community.

With so many trans and gender non-conforming people in need of financial help (as of this post, we have almost 400 applicants, more than all past years combined!) your donations are both inspiring and critical.

Last week, we raised an additional $353, bringing our total to $3,553.00. 

With your help, hope to continue to raise money throughout the coming weeks! Special thanks to Gamer, Lisa, Donald, Jennifer, Susannah, Cee, Chasmon, Kelly, Xander, Equality Period, and everyone else who has contributed for their generous donations.


NEED ASSISTANCE? APPLY NOW: Apply for the Annual Transgender Surgery Fund

WANT TO HELP SUPPORT THIS CAUSE? DONATE: You can make a direct donation to the fund securely via PayPal, or you can shop Point 5cc and a portion of your order’s proceeds will be donated.

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