2016 Surgery Fund: More than 200 applications in 48 hours!

The Point 5cc Annual Transgender Surgery Fund opened November 1, and in less than 48 hours, we have received over 200 applications.

In fact, in the first day that the fund was open, we received about 130 submissions from trans and gender non-conforming applicants – 20 more applications than we did in total last year.

This inspires us at Point 5cc because it shows how critical having gender confirming surgery is for many of us, and how difficult it can be to obtain due to a lack of insurance or gaps in medical coverage that exclude trans people. By and large, health insurance still does not meet our needs as a community, which is why until that time comes, community fundraising to help those in need is so important.

The fund is currently estimated at $3,200 and through our No Shave November campaign and private donations, we hope to raise that amount as high as possible.

If every person who visited our website last month donated just $1, we could raise the total donation amount to $23,059.

If every person donated just $3, we could fully fund 8 top surgeries, the most common gender affirming surgery our applicants seek.

It’s always been a difficult challenge for us to select winners for the fund, because every applicant deserves safe and complete access to surgery, and this year it will be even harder for us with so many applicants from different walks of life and stages of transition.

NEED ASSISTANCE? APPLY NOW: Apply for the Annual Transgender Surgery Fund

WANT TO HELP SUPPORT THIS CAUSE? DONATE: You can make a direct donation to the fund securely via PayPal, or you can shop Point 5cc and a portion of your order’s proceeds will be donated.

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