Point 5cc Founder Leads Men’s Health Contest

Trans guy Aydian Dowling is the current frontrunner of Men’s Health Ultimate Guy Contest!

We posted last week about trans guys who were in the running for Men’s Health Ultimate Guy contest and how Aydian of Point 5cc was on track to break the top 10.

Trans* and allied folks spread the word around, and since then, Aydian has secured enough votes to be in 1st place. At this time, Aydian has more than 4x the votes of the next runner-up!

If Aydian wins, he will be the first known trans man on the cover of a mainstream men’s publication, something that will create important trans* visibility and discussion on LGBTQ issues.

Because of this, Aydian’s story is already being shared across all sorts of media outlets, including interviews and stories with NPR, Today, People, OUT Magazine, USA Today, Yahoo, and others!

Voting continues through June 21

The feedback and response to this story has been overwhelmingly positive and has already had folks learning more about trans* folks. Thanks to everyone for sharing the word and voting. You can continue to vote for Aydian every day through June 21. We will be sure to keep you updated on the contest!

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