International Trans Pride: Point 5cc Around the World

Since we first began, Point 5cc has always made it our mission to connect with transgender folks and allies all around the globe.

We have always been and will always be a truly international transgender clothing company. (In fact, to our knowledge, Point 5cc is the first international transgender apparel company ever.) It’s just a part of who we are and our mission as a company, which is why we offer flat-rate international shipping for any order.

Our products are worn by trans folks and our loved ones all around the globe. Almost a quarter of our orders in the past few months are international orders, which is awesome.

Since we began, we have shipped products to customers in 21 countries. But our reach as a community goes even further. Over the past year, has been visited by users in 168 countries.

Our binder donation program has benefited many international trans and queer youth, and our t-shirts and other awesome products themselves make a huge difference. We have received countless messages of thanks from transgender people around the world. They’ve each shared their stories and their struggles, and when we hear that our products or our blogs help connect them to the community, or make them feel a little less isolated, or simply make them feel proud of who they are – we are at a loss for words.

You motivate us. You inspire us.

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