gc2b Donates Almost 50 Binders to Donation Program

Special shoutout to chest binder company gc2b, who has generously helped us start 2016 off right with 47 donated binders. We are finally able to close out our current wait list and will donate these to trans* folks in need!

As 2015 ended, we received a bunch of donated binders from folks in the community (thank you!) but were still left with almost 50 folks in need on our wait list, meaning they would be without access to a safe chest binder for as long as 6-8 weeks.

gc2b, one of our donation program’s biggest support systems, has generously offered to fulfill every outstanding request, bringing us down to an empty wait list for the first time in years!

A big thank you to the team at gc2b for helping so many with this generous gift!

If you need a chest binder and have the financial means to purchase one, definitely check out gc2b. They have a wide selection of high-quality chest binders. If you’re in need of a free chest binder, you can learn more about Point 5cc’s binder donation program and put in a request.

EDIT: As of November 2016, this program is now part of Point of Pride, our sister non-profit organization. You may donate binders of all sizes, styles, and conditions to:

Point of Pride
PO Box 10991
Eugene, OR 97440
Learn more about donating your binder

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