Donate Your Chest Binders – We Need Your Help!

Do you have gently used chest binders? Donate them to a great cause: help Point 5cc give binders to trans folks in need!

In recent months, our free chest binder donation program has skyrocketed, which is an awesome thing! We had averaged about 20-25 requests each month and thanks to donations from community members like you and our binder donation sponsor gc2b, we have been able to zero out our waitlist several times and make sure trans folks in need had quick access to binders.

In fact, we want to recognize gc2b yet again for donating another 30 binders to us to help support the program! We are very appreciative and excited to get them out to folks today.

We’re writing today because we need your help. In the last few weeks, our requests have more than doubled.

In fact, in the last 7 days alone, we’ve gotten new 15 requests for binders. Even with gc2b’s generous donation, our expected wait time for recipients has now jumped up to 4-8 weeks.

To folks who have requested a binder and are waiting on their order, please know we are trying to get it to you as soon as we can, and we appreciate your patience.

If you are able to donate a used binder today, you’ll make a huge difference to someone in need.

We have close to 20 people on the wait list, and most of them need size Medium binders so we especially encourage anyone with that size to consider making a donation.

We accept all sizes and styles. Anyone who is able to donate gently-used or new binders can mail them to:

EDIT: As of November 2016, this program is now part of Point of Pride, our sister non-profit organization. You may donate binders of all sizes, styles, and conditions to:

Point of Pride
PO Box 10991
Eugene, OR 97440
Learn more about donating your binder

For questions, visit the Contact page or email Thank you for your generosity!

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