Donate a Chest Binder, Get a Discount on Your Next Order!

Donate your new or used binders to Point 5cc, and we will thank you for your generosity with a special coupon code off your next purchase!

To date, Point 5cc has donated over 500 chest binders to trans and gender non-conforming folks in need. The need for chest binders to help support our program has been growing. We now average 20 requests for free binders a month from transgender youth and adults who cannot afford the binders or cannot otherwise obtain one due to lack of support or other factors. They rely on programs like ours, and we rely on support from you.

We have updated our binder donation process to show our thanks to our donors.

Include a Binder Donation form with your donated chest binders, and our team will show our appreciation with a coupon up to 25% off your next order of Point 5cc merch.

So go ahead: donate that binder you sweat all summer in! Treat yourself to a new binder as well as the satisfaction of helping someone in need.

EDIT: As of November 2016, this program is now part of Point of Pride, our sister non-profit organization. You may donate binders of all sizes, styles, and conditions to:

Point of Pride
PO Box 10991
Eugene, OR 97440
Learn more about donating your binder

Thank you!

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