Deck Out Your Tech with Free Point 5cc Wallpaper Downloads

Grab one (or all) of these free Point 5cc wallpaper downloads to show pride with you across all your devices!

We took a few designs and turned them into nifty wallpapers for your computer, phone, or tablet, so you can show your pride and rock Point 5cc wherever you go. (Right click on the links and select Save As to store them on your device, or click the link to open the images in a lightbox.)

The Super T

Our classic and most iconic design, now resized for your tech pleasure.


I Am Enough

This is a new design coming to our line soon! Enjoy it in advance with this colorful wallpaper and remember: you alone are enough.


Battle Scars

For many of us, transition can leave us with scars – this shirt reminds us of the journey we’ve taken and that “Battle Scars” are something to be proud of!


Gender Non-Conforming Umbrella

When the gender binary is raining down all around you, take shelter under the trans* umbrella.


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