Calling LGBT Entrepreneurs and Businesses: Partner with Point 5cc

We’re always looking for partnership opportunities with LGBT entrepreneurs and businesses, or trans-affirming companies! Want to make a difference in our community? Contact us!


1. Sponsor

We are always looking for sponsorships for our annual transgender surgery fund or binder donation program.

One of our sponsors Symantec pledged $1,000 directly to our surgery fund earlier this year. And for the past two years, gc2b chest binders has donated much-needed binders so we can donate them to trans* and non-binary folks who otherwise could not obtain them.

There are many perks to becoming a sponsor, so check out our Partnership Packet (PDF) to learn more.

2. Advertise

Point 5cc shows a limited number of ads in the sidebar of the site; 100% of the money raised via advertisements goes to the surgery fund. Advertising with Point 5cc is inexpensive way to reach thousands of unique visitors every month to show you are trans or LGBT affirming, and most importantly, it supports a great cause. Download the Partnership Packet (PDF) to see details.

3. Collaborate

If you’ve been following us the last few weeks, we’ve released a number of exciting new designs and products (and have even more in the works, so stay tuned!). Some of those designs were the result of a special collaboration with our awesome guest blogger, Ryan S., who runs the fashion blog The Dapper Matter.

Ryan drew rough concepts our and worked with Jeff from Point 5cc to refine those ideas into finished pieces:

We have a proud history of working with folks in our community and are currently collaborating with several other artists – painters, illustrators, photographers – to create new, trans inspired designs. If you have ideas for collaboration, drop us a line at or use our contact form.

4. Show support

Point5cc-DecalStorefrontIf you have a space that you want to show as being safe for trans* folk, we will send you a free Point 5cc logo decal to hang on your door, in your window, on your storefront, wherever! Just request one by emailing let us know who you are or what your business/organization does and where you’re located, and you’ll get your decal in the mail. Available in red, black, or white. (If you’d like to purchase a decal, you can also do so here!)

5. Pitch us

Do you have a great idea for how your business or organization can work with Point 5cc? Shoot us an email at or use our contact form. We’d love to hear from you!

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